by Tania Nelson

These last few years of pandemic living have been hard for everyone but have been particularly challenging for health and care workers.

We know that compassion, gratitude and thanksgiving are good for our personal mental health and also for the health of our communities. We also know that everyone benefits from mutual encouragement and goodwill.

The LCANZ Committee for Care Ministries has launched a range of resources to help congregations and Lutheran aged care and community services celebrate the care work in our local neighbourhoods that happens 365 days of the year.

With that in mind, we are inviting every LCANZ congregation to host a Christian Care Sunday celebration this year. We invite you to look at the Christian Care Sunday resources on the LCA website and choose a day in 2022 to celebrate with your local community.

You might choose a day from the lectionary, or a day that focuses on a particular helping vocation (nursing and other medical professions, social work or aged care), or a day that highlights the needs of a particular vulnerable people group. You can find a calendar of days to choose from here

Whatever day or week you choose, thank you for taking the time to express gratitude to those who participate in care ministries in your congregation and local community. The LCANZ wants to be a place ‘where love comes to life’, and we want to thank everyone for bringing that love to life through these challenging years of pandemic living and natural disasters.

Dr Tania Nelson is LCANZ Executive Officer – Local Mission.

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