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The Lutheran is one of the most highly awarded publications within the Australasian Religious Press Association and we’re very proud of it.

God’s love comes
to life

The Lutheran reveals how God’s love comes to life in the families, congregations and communities of the LCA/NZ.

Honest stories of our people

The Lutheran tells the stories of our people in the church with profound honesty and frankness – there’s no glossing over the tough issues.

Featured Stories


The power of Christian community

Dietrich Bonhoeffer described Christian community as ‘a reality created by God in Christ in which we may participate’. ‘The more clearly we learn to recognise that the strength of all our community is in Christ alone, the more calmly we will think about our community and pray and hope for it’, he said.

Forbes Lutherans back ‘home’

Nine months after floods devastated the community around the Central West New South Wales town of Forbes last November, including inundating their 90-year-old church building, members of the Lutheran congregation finally returned ‘home’.

In from the wild

The warble of native birds, the rustling of nature, the sigh of a light breeze… these are the sounds that brush my ears when I make contact with Margaret Curnow. She’s on Queensland’s Moreton Island with her grandchildren, whose unfledged voices sweep into our conversation and away again, like the cormorants who dot the bay.

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This month’s featured photo

Finding common threads

Despite a busy schedule at the recent Lutheran World Federation Assembly in Krakow Poland, LCANZ Bishop Paul Smith spread the word about good things from Australia and New Zealand with international friends. Not only did Bishop Paul share a copy of The Lutheran with Michael Martin from the Oberkirchenrat (church assembly) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (ELKB), but he also discovered a common appreciation of Australian First Nations accessories. Bishop Paul says: ‘Michael learnt that I wear Central Australian art ties every day, so he wore his tie purchased on a trip to Australia.’ The ELKB has a long history of mission cooperation with the LCANZ, including indigenous work in Central Australia and PNG, and oversees the Mission EineWelt ministry out of Neuendettelsau in Germany.

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What subscribers say about The Lutheran

‘I love the way The Lutheran openly proclaims the gospel as it should be, encouraging and uplifting all readers that our God calls and gifts us for his purposes in his kingdom. I’m excited to hear diverse stories of our own people where the life-giving love of God is embraced and put into practice!’

I’m one of the older generation but, I hope these days with a renewed understanding and vision for ’the Church’. I consider The Lutheran is a very valuable resource to assist our daily walk going forward.

I enjoy reading about all the various ministries initiatives happening around Australia, New Zealand and beyond which I may not ever hear about if it wasn’t for The Lutheran.

Our copy of The Lutheran arrived today and I would like you to know how much we appreciate reading it. You present the lifesaving power of the gospel. You present such a positive church which is encouraging us to keep supporting people.

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As the magazine of the Lutheran Church of Australia (incorporating the Lutheran Church of New Zealand), The Lutheran informs the members of the LCA about the church’s teaching, life, mission and people, helping them to grow in faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.

The Lutheran also provides a forum for a range of opinions, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editor or the policies of the Lutheran Church of Australia. The Lutheran is a member of the Australasian Religious Press Association and as such subscribes to its journalistic and editorial codes of conduct.

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