Christmas without
the trimmings
Christmas without
the trimmings

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The Lutheran is one of the most highly awarded publications within the Australasian Religious Press Association and we’re very proud of it.

God’s love comes
to life

The Lutheran reveals how God’s love comes to life in the families, congregations and communities of the LCA/NZ.

Honest stories of our people

The Lutheran tells the stories of our people in the church with profound honesty and frankness – there’s no glossing over the tough issues.

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Christmas without all the trimmings

For many churches around the LCA/NZ, COVID-19 gathering and health restrictions may mean they are unable to host the large Christmas services or be involved in the big community events they usually do.

Church planter to take on local mission role

Church planter Nathan Hedt will be LCA/NZ’s next Pastor for New and Renewing Churches. He succeeds Rev Dr Noel Due, who is retiring after being in the position since January 2018 and having been a mentor to Pastor Nathan.

God’s creation is blooming marvellous

When the first flush of spring and summer flowers bloom, who doesn’t want to stop and smell the roses? So a rose garden planted as a heartwarming invitation to a church is a chance to witness to the beauty of God’s creation.

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This month’s featured photo

Reconciliation – front and centre

In the lead-up to Australia’s 2020 NAIDOC week (which celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ gifts, achievements, contributions, histories and stories), Pastor Marcus Wheeler and his wife Betty took time to reflect on The Lutheran’s coverage of the LCA’s Reconciliation Action Plan. Along with Betty, Western Arrarnta Pastor Marcus serves the people of Bethlehem congregation Hermannsburg (Ntaria) and the surrounding communities of the Finke River Mission in Central Australia, in a team with Pastor Rodney Malbunka and Pastor Neville Doecke.

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What subscribers say about The Lutheran

‘I love the way The Lutheran openly proclaims the gospel as it should be, encouraging and uplifting all readers that our God calls and gifts us for his purposes in his kingdom. I’m excited to hear diverse stories of our own people where the life-giving love of God is embraced and put into practice!’

I’m one of the older generation but, I hope these days with a renewed understanding and vision for ’the Church’. I consider The Lutheran is a very valuable resource to assist our daily walk going forward.

I enjoy reading about all the various ministries initiatives happening around Australia, New Zealand and beyond which I may not ever hear about if it wasn’t for The Lutheran.

Our copy of The Lutheran arrived today and I would like you to know how much we appreciate reading it. You present the lifesaving power of the gospel. You present such a positive church which is encouraging us to keep supporting people.

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