by Anne Hansen

Whenever I send a birthday card, a letter or note, I add a tract that I think might speak to the recipient. Or, if someone comes to mind, I send an e-tract with a note of love and encouragement.

One time recently the Holy Spirit worked through me big time! A friend told me about the struggles she had been having with her children, with an overload of work and then the stresses of volunteering and trying to get everything done to please everyone else. She was on the verge of tipping over into a depression or breaking down.

Without my knowing about this,  I had sent her a card with the tracts ‘Why do we worry?’ and ‘Keeping your life balanced’. She read them and said that just stopping to read them allowed her to take stock of what was happening in her life, to take some time to breathe, and to put everything into perspective.

Sometimes it takes someone, or something shared, to help another person. God is good, and the Holy Spirit often prompts us with words to share with others. He is there to speak if we listen. Open your heart and be prepared to be a witness and help to those struggling. Have a tract or two on hand so you are able to share what God says in love.

At Lutheran Tract Mission there are more than 950 tracts to look through, but use the category listing on our webpage to help you find what you are looking for. Visit our website

We are blessed through being able to share and bless others with words of encouragement and love.

Anne Hansen is the Lutheran Tract Mission’s development officer.

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