by Jodi Brook and Christine Matthias

Early 2020 was an exciting time for Grow Ministries. We had just launched our Grow Disciples guide and curriculum as a new confirmation resource for the LCANZ.

In March we travelled to Western Australia to share this resource with the District Pastors Conference and were encouraged by their enthusiasm to try something new. This was to be the first of many trips like it we had planned in 2020.

However, as we all know, COVID-19 arrived, and all plans changed! As 2020 progressed and we gained glimpses of what our new world was going to be like, we began to develop online training and videos, not just for Grow Disciples but on other topics as well. In September, the New Zealand ministry leaders were willing to have us join them via video conferencing, and we did the best we could to highlight the relational approach of this resource while all feeling very isolated.

It has been with great delight and enthusiasm – and good timing – that we have been able to attend district pastors’ conferences for New South Wales-Australian Capital Territory (pictured above right), South Australia-Northern Territory (above) and Queensland (below). We have shared with pastors all around the country that discipleship in the 21st century is about developing relationships through intergenerational connections and engaging curriculum. This is what Grow Disciples aims to do. This can feel like a big change from the way we have always ‘done confirmation’ and it can seem hard to find the time in our busy calendar to adopt a new way of thinking.

However, Grow Ministries can help your congregation, pastors or lay leaders to imagine something new when discipling young people. If you need our help to work out how, please contact one of our team – email or phone 08 8267 7300.



‘The Grow Ministries presentation at pastors conference was a highlight for me. This is what ministry is all about, sharing the faith with each other … Can’t wait to try some new ideas out.’

Pastor Joel Cramer – The Ark Salisbury SA


‘Christine introduced us to Grow Disciples, with its key principles of learning through relationships. Now at St Paul’s in Wellington, we are looking how we might use this resource in our ministry to an up-and-coming group of adolescents. Thank you.’

Pastor Jim Pietsch – St Pauls Wellington NZ


‘It is so exciting to see a new resource not just for confirmation, but for a holistic and engaging approach to discipling young people and connecting them to their church community through authentic intergenerational relationships.’

Pastor Mat von Stanke – LifeWay Newcastle NSW


‘That was the best “last-session-of-the-day” presentation I have ever been a part of … it was a session of joy, enthusiasm and interaction that really promoted wellbeing in a way that was practically joyful, as we collectively hoped for an exciting future where confirmation is no longer a “graduation from the church” and instead a “graduation into the life of the church”.’

Pastor Ben Hentschke – Ipswich Lutheran Church Qld

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