by Richard Fox

How do you cope with unexpected changes? Going through something that changes your life can be frightening and stressful. But Jesus can walk with you through the worry and uncertainty. Let him do the worrying for you. He can help you through unexpected changes, as the following quote from a Messages of Hope interview reminds us.

‘I had to change my lifestyle; I’ve had cancer. That’s made me look at life differently. But I knew when I was at hospital going through chemo, I just felt a strong presence that God was with me. From then on, I knew that you know, okay, don’t worry about change. Take it as it comes and let God do the worrying for you.’

People are hearing the reassurance of this interview on their radio and watching the short video on social media. You can see it at in the one-minute playlist. A podcast, booklet, script and website links which aim to offer help for those facing change are also available at

Another helpful link is:

Richard Fox is Director of Lutheran Media.

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