Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ) has teamed up with Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) to produce a supplementary issue with its latest edition, which explores the intersection of Lutheran theology with contemporary educational theories and practices.

The publication is a first for LTJ, which is a tri-annual publication of Australian Lutheran College’s (ALC) teaching staff. LTJ explores and applies the tradition of the church in ways that are fresh and that engage the issues of today, as well as providing a place where church workers can present a range of theological views that generate fruitful and respectful discussion.

Commenting on the supplement, LEA Executive Director Associate Professor Lisa Schmidt, who also served as guest editor, said: ‘I hope that these papers provide a launchpad for discussion and debate within school and early childhood service (ECS) communities and that dialogue informs local practice and decision-making.’

All Lutheran schools and ECSs have been supplied with copies of the supplement.

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