The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified wellbeing issues such as anxiety, grief and loneliness. Celia and Richard met with counsellor and personal development trainer Anna Doecke and discussed this in a Messages of Hope program you can listen to at

Anna: ‘What does it look like to be well in your life? When someone asks, “How is this affecting your wellbeing?”, I think it would be helpful to stop and think, “Is this helping me to be well, be healthy, be joyful, be free, and be at peace?”’

Celia: ‘For me, it’s about realising that the love and acceptance from God are enough.’

Richard: ‘It’s a wrestle and challenge to understand and grasp, but to realise that whatever we’re dealing with, whether it’s physical, mental, spiritual [or] emotional, God has us.’

There are tips and encouragement to help with wellbeing and stress, at

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