by Anne Hansen

A table was set out in the church with a variety of tracts – bookmarks, text cards, leaflets. A woman had been standing there for some time just looking at one particular text card containing a Bible verse. I went over to her to see if I could help or encourage her to take it, when she said: ‘This verse is just what I needed – can I take it to display at my home to remind me that God does love me?’

How often do we see a Bible verse or a message or reflection that comes to us just when we need it? That’s the Spirit of God working to comfort us, to give us peace and healing, and to restore our souls. Many Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM) resources can be used to speak to people and be given to them ‘at just the right time’. Be God’s messenger of love sharing Bible verses and thoughts with those who come to our hearts and minds.

LTM has more than 900 resources to be used for every occasion. Among them are new Easter and Lenten tracts to share with friends, family and neighbours, enabling us to be God’s voice of love this Easter. Check out the website:

Anne Hansen is LTM Development Officer.

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