by Anne Hansen

How often do we pray expecting an answer that next minute? Then, when it goes unanswered that day, we decide that God doesn’t answer prayer!

I think we have all come to that conclusion more than once, but how untrue and unfair this conclusion is to our loving Heavenly Father. Our God is a God of miracles who finds delight in answering the prayers of his people as he sees fit and in his timing.

As Christian author Lysa TerKeurst said, ‘God’s not ignoring you. He just loves you too much to answer your prayers at any time than the right time’.

God has always proven his faithfulness to his people by rescuing them from trouble and answering prayers in miraculous ways. Just read through the stories in the Old Testament! God is always faithful and trustworthy. He hears our prayers and knows all our needs, even before we ask. So, if you have prayers that you have been praying for some time, keep the faith. God is at work behind the scenes.


Lutheran Tract Mission has many resources for you about prayer. Some help you pray personally and give tips on how to pray for others. Others encourage you to pray at all times and in all ways. Stick a postcard or text card about prayer on your refrigerator to remind you to pray. Find a bookmark about prayer and put it in a book.

Look at our website to find what you need for your ministry:

Please share stories with me of how tracts have spoken and reached you and others in your community! Give others new ideas as to how to use tracts in sharing God’s love!

Nothing is impossible for God, and he always hears you!

Anne Hansen is Lutheran Tract Mission Development Officer.

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