Like many parts of the LCANZ, ALC has been struggling financially for some time. Low student numbers, increased expenses – including rising wages and costs associated with maintaining a large but underutilised campus – and a decrease in external funding all mean that the college, like many congregations and parishes, is needing to reorganise itself.

While reorganisation will address the low student-to-staff ratios and ensure the rationalisation of resources, ALC remains open for business and committed to its students’ learning and formational success. Students will not be adversely impacted by this reorganisation, which has been deemed necessary by the ALC Board and endorsed as a ‘major reorganisation’ by the LCANZ’s General Church Board.

As part of this reorganisation, which is being guided by Towards 2028, Our Strategic Direction, the ALC Board held a call meeting on 1 November. New part-time calls were then issued to five of the college’s ordained staff. These calls reflect the reduced teaching loads associated with smaller class sizes and, in accordance with ALC’s Constitution, the calls are for a specific time period, namely three years from 1 February 2023. Staff in ALC’s library are facing similar cost-cutting measures.

These actions bear no reflection on any staff member’s ability, capacity or generosity towards the college and church. They are entirely due to external factors that impact the college’s financial viability.

ALC remains committed to serving the LCANZ and its partners and looks forward to providing post-secondary and tertiary theological education for many years to come.

ALC’s strategic direction is available at

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