by Tania Nelson

This month’s International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD) – marked on 3 December – is a great occasion to celebrate alongside people living with disability, and an opportunity to challenge the way we think about disability and to help grow a more inclusive community.

The Christian Care Sunday ‘More resources’ webpage at has IDPWD resources to help you celebrate, including a ready-to-go worship service, a children’s address, a small group discussion guide and more.


The worship service order in the IDPWD resources has been prepared for congregations who wish to acknowledge and celebrate with persons living with disability. I particularly love the opening words of the service. Using selected verses of Psalm 139, it begins:

‘I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well … I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful! I know that very well.’


The discussion guide in the IDPWD resources challenges us about ‘Re-thinking Our Values’ and poses some challenging questions:

  • Have you ever felt defined by your achievements and abilities?
  • Do you tend to see differences or commonalities when we gather together in community?
  • How do you think we could extend open arms to one and all showing no partiality?

These challenges show me my weakness and, thankfully, God’s great love for us. They can lead us to prayer, too.

Thank you, God, for your great love, which transforms our position from enemies to friends, from the least to the greatest. Without your love and mercy, we couldn’t do anything at all …

By your Holy Spirit, encourage and inspire us toward love and good deeds. Help us throw open the doors of our churches and homes in radical welcome. Help us to see the needs around us, and meet them wherever we can, with whatever you have given us to share. Make us an inclusive, welcoming community, where anyone can come to find love and acceptance and a place at your table. Amen.


As well as visiting the website at to find out about the resources available, you can email

You can also learn more about the International Day of People with Disability at

Dr Tania Nelson is the LCANZ Executive Officer – Local Mission.

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