by Merryn Ruwoldt

The intentional development of those called to be leaders is of deep significance to the future of the Lutheran education system. The link between school leadership and student outcomes is well established.

In terms of school-based factors, leadership is second only to classroom instruction in its influence on student learning. A system that concerns itself with student outcomes will therefore also concern itself with developing leaders. In a Lutheran context, these leaders hold the uniquely Lutheran approach to education in their hands.

Lutheran Education Australia partners with the Graduate School of Business at Queensland University of Technology and Australian Lutheran College (ALC) to provide a Leadership Development Program (LDP) for aspiring leaders in Lutheran schools and early childhood services.

As part of this program, ALC Principal Pastor James Winderlich and I recently led workshops for emerging leaders in both Victoria and Queensland. Deep conversations about the way in which Lutheran theology informs practice in Lutheran schools were a feature of both workshops. During the sessions, we challenged participants with contextual scenarios to assist them to engage with theological concepts in meaningful ways. This in turn helped participants to grow in their understanding of themselves as leaders in a Lutheran context.


In addition to LDP, ALC also offers courses designed for the professional development of teachers, including a Graduate Certificate in Leadership, a Graduate Certificate in Education and Theology and a Masters in Education and Theology.

Online service learning and community engagement workshops are also offered throughout the year. Learn more by visiting the ALC website:

Dr Merryn Ruwoldt is ALC Dean and Coordinator of Education Studies.

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