During last month’s Australian Conference on Lutheran Education (ACLE) in Melbourne, more than 160 current staff members were honoured for having served Lutheran education for 30 or more years.

The recognition covers all staff of Lutheran schools and early learning centres who have served for three decades or more. Recipients had their photos shown on a digital kiosk in the ACLE exhibition hall, seen by attendees during conference break times, and have been sent a handwritten thank-you note by Lutheran Education Australia.

One teacher whose service was highlighted said, ‘being recognised for 30 years’ service is quite an honour but we teach and serve because we love to and not for the kudos’.

‘We work in partnership with each other and the parents who entrust their children to us’, the teacher said. ‘If we look at this milestone as a way of recognising the many years of God’s blessings and guidance, and the many wonderful colleagues, students, parents and congregational members we have met along the way, I am okay with it!’

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