by Richard Fox

Why do bad things happen? And where is God in times of suffering? During a crisis these may be familiar questions. And these are the types of topics that Lutheran Media’s Messages of Hope address.

Listener Kathleen heard Messages of Hope about crisis on her local radio station and wanted to know more about how God helps in times of suffering. So, she got in touch: ‘I wanted to speak to you about “Why do bad things happen? Courage during difficult times”. I was after a couple of copies please if you’ve got them.’ You can listen to the radio message Kathleen listened to at

You can order the booklet or download an electronic version at

There are videos and other podcasts about crisis and suffering too at


Lutheran Media also offers free postcards of hope to be enjoyed and shared. Maria and her young daughter appreciated this wonderful yet simple way to share the hope of Jesus Christ. Maria says: ‘My nine-year-old set up her new bookshelf and loves this card so much it became a main feature! Thanks for spreading hope.’

To order postcards, go to the website: or call 1800 353 350.

Pastor Richard Fox is Director of Lutheran Media.

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