by Anne Hansen

Some of you have already enjoyed the Christmas Chatterbox – the Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM) activity newly released for this last Christmas. It was so popular that we decided to produce another chatterbox to help you share the Easter story with children and have fun at the same time!

I remember making chatterboxes as a child and playing them with friends. Some included a ‘truth or dare’ theme. Others we made were more about guessing who you would marry, how many children you would have and what you would do in the future!

The chatterbox was introduced to the Western world in an origami book in 1928. It debuted as a ‘salt cellar’. Yep! When placed on a table, the pockets in the chatterbox where your fingers would usually go were originally designed to hold salt. But they can also be used to hold eggs or small snacks.

The LTM Easter Chatterbox poses questions about Easter and the last week of Jesus’ life on earth. Use this chatterbox to help share the story through the pictures and the game with children, grandchildren, playgroup, Sunday school and in the classroom. Try it out on adults too!


LTM has also produced a new Lenten Devotional for you to journey your way through Lent, with the theme ‘From Christmas Manger to Easter Glory’.

This devotional can be downloaded and printed by congregations and individuals, or you can use it as a flipbook on your device as you read through the 47 devotions. The devotions walk us through Jesus’ life from Christmas, telling the significance of Jesus’ birth and how it relates throughout his life and teachings as he walks to the cross, followed by his resurrection from the dead.


There are also new Easter tracts as well as many older favourites for you to use and share with family and friends. Through these, you can share with others how Jesus died and rose again that we may have eternal life forever with him.

Have a look through all of our new resources and check out the older ones at the same time via our website at

With more than 950 resources to consider, the categories listing on our web page is a helpful tool to point you to just what you need.

Jesus died for you and me – be brave, have fun and share this good news!

Anne Hansen is LTM Development Officer. LTM is an outreach ministry of the LLL.

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