by Richard Fox

Parenting can be stressful. Children seem to know how to press the right or wrong buttons at the worst possible times. And with challenges like COVID restrictions and lockdowns, parenting can seem overwhelming. Especially when we feel alone and out of our depth, including schooling through lockdowns.

Thankfully, there is hope. Many, if not all, parents go through this at some stage. At you’ll discover real-life stories of parents struggling with parenting and their insights into how they also found the fun and joy in it, too. You can watch and listen to their stories.

There are other helpful resources, too, such as the free booklet ‘Parenting: Finding the Fun’ and activities to help shed light on what is happening in your situation.

There are ways to cope through the stressful times of parenting, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. God is a faithful, loving and gracious parent who is always there for you. Draw on his love in Christ Jesus for you and your family.

Pastor Richard Fox is Director of Lutheran Media.

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