John Henderson
LCANZ Bishop

In my teenage years in Canberra, we knew that the LLL would support you in planting the mission of the church, in putting up a building to worship in, in providing a manse for the pastor and keeping the mission of the church going. I always compare the church relationally to a family. And the LLL is a trusted senior part of the family and the support it gives for what the church is – its word and sacrament ministry – has been a very important part of the LCA becoming who it is today. I want to thank the LLL because I can see very little mission drift in the organisation – the way that you articulate your support for the church has remained faithful and true.

Alan Zweck
Former LLL Board member for 30 years

My earliest memories of LLL were of having Ben Koch in our Henty home and his enthusiastic discussions with my father, over 70 years ago. From its beginning, the ‘heart’ of the LLL was – and has continued to be – mission. My Dad was elected to the board in 1950. I was elected when he retired in 1978 until 2008. What a privilege and blessing to have seen, close-up, God’s 1000-fold blessing … in that time!

Jill Lange-Mohr OAM
Lutheran school principal and former LLL Board member

As a child after church, I heard the LLL rep mention ‘earmarked deposits’ – I wondered what marks they’d put on someone’s ear! I would later attend Concordia College Toowoomba, teach at Grace Lutheran College, become founding principal of St Peters Lutheran College Springfield and Head of College at Geelong Lutheran College campuses. All these schools have experienced the benefits of the LLL. From 2005 to 2015, I was honoured to be an LLL Board member. I was astounded by the significant ways the LLL helped the LCA’s mission.

Ev Leske
Long-term account holder and co-editor of LLL’s expanded history, The Challenge of Change

The LLL has been part of my life for as long as I remember. That small LLL passbook helped to build in me a savings culture. [Later,] I experienced its assistance with building the new Enfield church and Faith Lutheran College in Tanunda SA. As a teacher, I appreciated the pastoral care role of LLL’s tract mission, while its sponsorship of Lutheran Education conferences has been significant in engendering an understanding of Lutheran ethos in schools. Happy birthday, LLL!

Jonathan Krause
Community Action Manager, ALWS

What a blessing the LLL has been in supporting our Lutheran Church’s ministry through Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) to people in need! We see this in the grants from LLL Permanent Funds that directly support ALWS bringing love to life for vulnerable people. Meanwhile, in Australia, LLL supports ALWS development education in Lutheran schools. And LLL even steps out in Walk My Way, showing our community that we take seriously following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Tania Nelson
Executive Officer – Local Mission Lutheran Church of Australia

Congratulations LLL! Local Mission thanks God for your mission heart, your ministry-minded stewardship and your financial support of mission across our church. From scholarships for professional development to grants for ministry in multiethnic communities, from church-planting support to enabling resources, from funding for media upgrades to supporting youth-leadership development, we thank God for your generous support. The LLL is such a blessing to the LCANZ. May God continue to bless the LLL into the future.

Aaron Glover
Director LYQ

The LLL has generously supported LYQ ministry (Lutheran Youth of Queensland) and youth ministry across the LCA through grants and sponsorships that have seeded new ministry camps, made training days more accessible for volunteers and helped us to train ministry workers. What I love about the LLL  is its clear missional focus and eagerness to support ministry with young people. I believe that the LLL is God’s gift to the LCA.

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