LCA International Mission’s partner churches express gratitude

Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church in Burundi

Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church of Burundi feels greatly honoured to have LCA International Mission as our partner. We thank God for having brought us together. Our partnership has not been a long one, but we note three key achievements. First, the LCA has supported capacity-building events including pastoral training. Second, we have our own church building and funds available to purchase our own church plot. Third, when Burundians were faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the LCA provided relief food and sanitary facilities. From these supports, the church is increasing in number, faith and commitment. Every three months we baptise at least more than 30 new church members. We celebrate the steady progress we have seen, thanks to our partner and mother church, the LCA.

 – Rev Emile Nkurunza

Lutheran Church in Cambodia

It has been about 10 years since the Lutheran Church in Cambodia (LCC) and the LCA became partners. The LCA is really a good motivator for LCC in God’s service. It has helped us in terms of budget, solidarity, ideas and sharing experiences. This plays a big part in spreading the gospel around our church. Helping locals is a great activity to make the community see that everyone cares. Last year students from Tatachilla College [South Australia] came to help repair a road and, after the repair, the traffic was easier, and there was praise from people, [who said], ‘Jesus is very good’. I give thanks to God for bringing us a good partner to exist in God’s mission together. I pray that this relationship will keep moving forward.

 – Rev Touch KeovSreyLiak

Lutheran Church in Singapore

We are thankful to the LCA for the partnership in our local ministry at Thai Good News Centre. Our mission is to outreach to Thais in Singapore. We thank God that 480 people have been baptised and returned to their homelands. Some go on to Bible college in Bangkok and 15 are serving as pastors or evangelists in Thailand and Taiwan. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many members and contacts have lost their jobs. During this time, we have received many who came for counselling, prayers and help. With the help of some members and friends, we provided financial assistance and distributed food to those in need. Do pray for this ministry and we look forward to LCA’s continuing partnership in prayer and support.

 – Rt Rev Lu Guan Hoe, Bishop

Lutheran Church in Malaysia

It is a truly blessed opportunity to be in partnership with the LCA. We are thankful for the support of the LCA in one of the most marginalised communities in Malaysia, the Orang Asli (OA) indigenous people. Especially in the last few years, we have had the opportunity to train our own OA pastors locally in STS (Seminary Theology Sabah) … and have our OA pastors serving in their own communities. That our OA pastors could lead, teach, preach, equip, train and make disciples for Jesus Christ among their own people is truly encouraging. They are now actively pursuing opportunities to reach out to their people, sharing the gospel, praying, teaching others, and setting up new outreach points, with a strong Christian identity among them.

– Bishop Aaron Yap

Lutheran Church of Myanmar

The Lutheran Church of Myanmar (LCM) is privileged to have been partnered with LCA International Mission for more than a decade. A church can only grow when believers around the world work together for his kingdom. [Our] partnership helps the growth and development of the LCM in capacity-building and mobilisation of our resources for mission work. More than 90 per cent of the population in Myanmar are yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. The strong collaboration and partnership between the LCA and the LCM for church development, Christian literature ministry and education help many people in Myanmar know more about Jesus. We treasure the fellowship and prayers from the LCA and are looking forward to working together more closely.

– Rev Martin Lalthangliana, President

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea

Our partnership has developed over many years. It was started by selfless and hardworking missionaries from early mission days, some of whom lost their lives for the sake of Jesus Christ and his people here in PNG, and continually supported by many former and current missionaries. We will continue to walk and work side-by-side, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and administering sacraments and teaching his ways. The gospel of Jesus Christ edifies and builds the church spiritually. No-one is an island because as partners in the gospel we also learn from one another and keep ourselves up to date with the happenings in our respective churches and around the world. We will continue to stand together in partnership to profess one faith, one Lord, one baptism.

– Rev Kinim Siloi, Inter-Church Relations and Ecumenism

Lutheran Study Centre Malaysia

I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to LCA International Mission for its support of the Lutheran Study Centre (LSC) in Malaysia. The LSC was established in 2012 by the Federation of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Malaysia and Singapore (FELCMS) with the LCA, to enhance Lutheran confessional identity among pastors and members. The lack of confessional identity and influence of charismatic theology had impacted the preaching of the true gospel. The partnership with LCA International Mission has been a blessing in providing human resources, advisory support, technical assistance and financial aid. This timely, visionary and proactive support has made it possible for FELCMS churches to strengthen their Lutheran identity through initiatives including training and the publication and distribution of Lutheran resources in indigenous languages.

– Rev Dr Wilfred J Samuel, Director

Lutheran Church in the Philippines

The Lutheran Church in the Philippines (LCP) is truly blessed and thankful to God for giving us the LCA as a partner church. One blessing in this partnership is Rev Dr Michael Lockwood [being called] to teach at the Lutheran Theological Seminary and Training Center. [In 2020] when church gatherings were prohibited and the church offerings were not collected, LCP pastors and evangelists were affected financially. But God touched the hearts of our fellow pastors in Australia [and] for several months, we received assistance. Because of this, our pastors were encouraged and continued their work. As we pray for the strengthening of our partnership, we ask the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom and empower us to work together for the expansion of God’s kingdom.

– Rev Antonio Del Rio Reyes, President

KN-LWF Indonesia

The pandemic has proven that the internet is the most valuable piece of technology the world has ever needed. The LCA granted funds to build three internet towers for communities that needed it most. This allowed 300 students to study online and pastors to lead morning devotions for children. For a long time, the cross has symbolised Christian identity in Indonesia. However, lately, it seems young adults are impartial to the cross. To remind them of its significance, [Komite Nasional Lutheran Church] KN-LWF put together a cross movement, whereby 1000 crosses were nailed to doors around different communities. This will act as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice. Young adults are proud to be Christians. The LCA always reminds us to be closer to God.

– Rev Rumanja Purba, former chairman

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