The world’s most widely circulated book is also one of its most highly debated. Check out how the Bible has withstood intense scrutiny from critics and cynics alike in The Bible on Trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt DVD available through Lutheran Media.

You, the viewer, are the jury and you’ll come away with a fresh appreciation of the Bible as a historical document and the word of God.

The Bible on Trial DVD contains a TV show and four shorter videos with a discussion guide.

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Walking together with messages of hope

Sharing a message of hope with people you are walking with through life can help encourage and uplift each of you. An inspiring story shared on social media can help many people.

Your Messages of Hope shares encouraging and inspiring posts daily on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. You are free to share these posts with your friends and family to encourage and inspire them. You can walk with us on social media by clicking the icons on the top left of or

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