Following a request from the LCANZ College of Bishops, Australian Lutheran College (ALC) has developed and recently launched an online Lay Preacher Training module to support congregational lay preachers – both current and future.

The content is derived from ALC’s pastoral training program, providing both coherency and consistency between the pastoral office and the service of lay preachers.

LCANZ Bishop John Henderson said there was an ‘increasing need in congregations without a called pastor to receive the ongoing ministry of the word’.

‘This training is intended to help better prepare lay preachers and support them in their service during pastoral vacancies and other circumstances of need’, he said. ‘ALC’s willingness to respond to the changing needs of the LCANZ is a great encouragement.’

Who can undertake the training?

This training module provides those interested in lay preaching an opportunity to discern their call as a lay preacher, without any expectation for anyone to become a lay preacher at the end of the training. With the recommendation of allowing up to three months to complete the content, participants work through sessions within ALC’s iLearn system at their own pace. All participants need a mentor pastor to journey with them and support their learning, as well as provide feedback on sermons written at the end of the training module.

While the training is available for anyone to undertake, it should be noted that lay preachers within the LCANZ are approved and appointed by district bishops following consultation between district bishops, local congregations and lay preaching candidates, who are usually locally identified.

How to find out more

To discuss any queries about the module, email, or visit the training and registration page on the ALC website:

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