by Jono Graetz

We are always looking at new approaches to children’s ministry at Trinity Bordertown, so early last year when we heard about a new confirmation program from Grow Ministries, we decided to learn more about it.

As soon as COVID-19 restrictions would allow, we arranged for Christine Matthias and Jodi Brook from Grow to visit and offer a deeper insight into the Grow Disciples course and what it can offer students and facilitators.

Christine and Jodi inspired our congregation, along with some visitors from Mt Gambier and Millicent, with their explanation, including how the course relates lessons to our daily lives.

What do Grow Disciples sessions include?

Each session provides a chance to chat with the kids about their week and the questions they took home for their parents after the previous lesson. There is an interactive learning section which explains the lesson theme and Bible verses that relate to it, and an application section that explains how the theme and readings apply to the participants. The session concludes with a lesson overview, time for students to devise questions to discuss with their parents and prayer.

The course encourages communication. It is all about children building their faith and relationships with their parents, pastor, mentors, leaders and the congregation.

Course can work in many situations

Grow Disciples is easily adapted to suit whatever group size, location, frequency of lessons and ability of leaders you may have.

Trinity holds sessions Wednesdays after school for about 90 minutes, studying one lesson each week. Along with Pastor Murray Smith, we have four groups of two leaders each, which helps share the workload, brings different perspectives to lessons and gives the kids a chance to build relationships with more congregational members. We are also planning a families’ and mentors’ lunch once a term.

What are some of the benefits?

We are still very young with our journey but already are seeing an eagerness in students to actively participate in discussion and Bible reading and to ask some really thought-provoking questions.

Grow Disciples is a great tool to share our faith with the next generation and to walk beside them as they learn to grow their faith in our Lord. What a blessing! Thanks be to God.

Jono Graetz is a member of Trinity Bordertown, in South Australia. 

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