Delegates to the LCA’s Convention of General Synod in 2018 are being asked to vote in a postal ballot ahead of this year’s Convention.

General Church Board has authorised the Secretary of the Church to submit to the delegates of the LCA’s 19th General Synod a postal vote to authorise changes to the LCA’s bylaws.

The ballot requests that 2018 delegates approve changes to the bylaws to enable Conventions of General Synod to take place by meeting in person or by electronic means. The changes to the bylaws will allow procedures in transacting business and nominations and elections to be amended to suit the form in which the meeting takes place.

The ballot papers with supporting information were posted to delegates (at the home address listed on LCA files) last month.

They must be returned to the Secretary of the Church in the prepaid supplied envelope by the postmarked date of 26 March 2021.

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