Faith becomes real when others can see God working in the lives of people. The Grow Ministries ‘Four Keys’ of faith practices are Caring Conversations, Devotions, Service, and Rituals and Traditions. These all provide ideas that can assist us in living out our faith.

Four Keys

Theme: The Saviour of the world has been born in Bethlehem.

Caring Conversations

Christian faith and values are passed on to the next generation through supportive conversations.

  • At Christmas we celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Why is his birth something to celebrate?
  • What gift did you most enjoy giving to someone else?


Our faith shapes the whole of our lives and involves a lifetime of Bible study, reflection and prayer.

Before you open your Christmas gifts have a household member read the Christmas story from Luke 2:1–20 or a Bible storybook. Ask each person to share their favourite part of the story. Then say together the following prayer.

Prayer for the Opening of Gifts: Lord God, we gather today as a household to celebrate the gift of your Son Jesus. Be with us as we give gifts to one another. Draw us closer to you and one another and fill this home with love, peace and joy. Amen.


Serving others together provides an opportunity to see people’s gifts, faith and values in action.

Write the names of your household members on slips of paper and randomly distribute them (make sure no-one has a slip with their own name on it). Ask each person to perform a ‘gift of service’ for the person named on their slip as part of your household Christmas gift-giving.

Rituals and Traditions

These communicate meaning, values and the relationship that exists between people and God.

Mealtime Prayer: God, thank you for this special day; bless all we do and all we say. May we each enjoy your blessings great, as Jesus’ birth we celebrate. Amen.

Blessing: May God’s gift of Jesus bring you peace and joy. May Jesus come into your heart this Christmas. Amen.

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