by Merryn Ruwoldt

The 2021 Festival of Learning is an initiative of Australian Lutheran College (ALC) which brings learning to members and friends of the church in an easy, accessible and affordable way.

To be held from 15 to 19 February 2021, the festival will comprise a range of sessions from ALC faculty and other LCA/NZ theologians and teachers.

Participants can attend in person or online and join one session or attend a week’s worth. Some topics have one session, others are a short series and there are even opportunities to commence semester-length accredited subjects.

More than 100 people joined online short courses earlier this year and the Festival of Learning will be another opportunity for those interested in enhancing their biblical and theological knowledge to meet and learn together.

Appropriate internet download speed is required to participate online, but age, location or previous education are not barriers to being involved. Everyone is welcome.

At ALC we don’t just learn for interest, we learn for life (John 10:10).

For further information about the program, please email

Merryn Ruwoldt is Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching at ALC.

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