What is it about suggesting a long lunch that somehow also shouts out ‘Yay, a picnic!’?

At Blanchetown, South Australia, the Lutheran Lunch stretched across Australia’s longest river on a lovely warm and cloudy day—perfect weather for a venue without shade. Worship beforehand saw the little Blanchetown church bursting at the seams, and 58 people later sat down to lunch on the bridge. Shade wasn’t lacking at Duncraig, Western Australia, where people came and went under the shade of a big tree ‘which reminded us how covered and shielded we are by God’s grace’. What a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Meanwhile in Buccleuch, South Australia, lunch was held a-Long the Mallee Highway, where locals—and even some tourists—joined in sharing sausage sangas with a few gourmet extras and lovely ice-cold drinks.

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