In 2022 flood disasters in Queensland and New South Wales have been more front-of-mind for many Australians than droughts. However, with more than 60 per cent of the Sunshine State still experiencing drought, Lutherans in Queensland are also rallying together to support families and businesses in rural and regional areas of the state who are struggling after years without enough rain.

The volunteer-run drought relief project Lutheran Drought Aid Queensland (LDAQ), which operates under the LCA Queensland District’s Mission & Ministry department, has for several years been offering financial and material assistance to people facing hardship in drought-ravaged regions.

However, the assistance the group offers those in need is far more than just money or goods, Vickie Schuurs, one of LDAQ’s four volunteer coordinators, said. ‘We don’t just give people money to help them, we actually talk with them about what they need and often give them help with a particular project’, she said.

‘It’s about listening to their stories. People know about the floods and we’re looking at what we can do to help those people too but 60 per cent of Queensland is still drought declared.’

LDAQ is still supplying ‘Crates of Hope’ to assist people through short-term emergencies and demonstrate to those on the land that they are still being thought of and remembered. And they are inviting people to donate specified goods in the next few months so that crates can be assembled and be ready for emergency delivery. You can find out more on the LCA Queensland District website at

Monetary donations and prayer support are always needed. For information on giving, or to apply for assistance or nominate someone to receive help, go to:

To support the LCAQD’s Flood Response appeal or request help, go to:

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