Can you recall the time when God’s grace transformed your life and his spirit first sang in your heart?

Through LCA International Mission, you join us in proclaiming, training, transforming and partnering in the gospel with our neighbours across Asia and the Pacific. Darkness gives way to light, hope replaces fear, love restores lives. When our life is changed, the lives of those around us also change.

In the small village of Huay Pong in northern Thailand, Khun Pim shares the story of her love for Jesus. Pim is one of eight local evangelists, supported by you, who serve their local communities by living and sharing the gospel. ‘Jesus Christ is a healer, a mighty God’, she says. ‘Two years ago I talked with a spirit doctor who was unable to heal his own sick grandchild. Finally, he asked me to pray for his grandchild. I went several times to pray and his grandchild was healed! The spirit doctor became a Christian and was baptised.’

This year young Australian and Asian Lutherans are learning about our church’s ministries, developing leadership skills, seeing mission and ministry up close, and working with a mentor. Grow Leadership identifies future young church leaders in the LCA/NZ and in our Asian neighbouring churches and encourages them in deepening their love for Jesus as they see his Spirit at work. Participant Hudson says: ‘God’s spirit is literally all over the world and it unites us.’ Seeing how God works through lives in another culture has given these young people a greater appreciation of God’s grace and love. Bielehmo, from Myanmar, says: ‘He is faithful in the beginning of my journey to the end.’

Six Indonesian pastors are now trained in Reconciliation Ministry. The law can be a strong focus in a country where followers of Christ are a minority and where living a ‘righteous’ life equal to their Islamic neighbour is important. Reconciliation ministry has a gospel focus that transforms lives with the understanding of God’s grace. Rev Deddy Fajar Purba says, ‘The seven-week program has led us to a deep understanding of God’s love. We observed how Reconciliation Ministry has become a practical way of life in the congregations. They know God is kind and very near to them.’

We value our partnerships with Interserve and Wycliffe where Hanna Schulz, Ian Hutchinson, Patrick and Anke Sprau, Natalie and Stephen, and Anna serve, or prepare to serve, as Bible translator advisors, missionaries, medical specialists and audio bible producers. Through the many ways we partner, the gospel is proclaimed and lives are reflecting the change from darkness to light. Thank you, Jesus, for the opportunities!

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