The LLL has been serving the Lutheran church in Australia, and helping to further its gospel mission, since 1921. If you read, hear about or come into contact with an LCA ministry, chances are the LLL supports that ministry, through grants, loans, or ongoing funds. The following stories are snippets from LLL Australia’s annual Together in Mission magazine.

LLL Mission Stimulus Grants

Arise connects community by Pastor Matt Wilksch

Connection is everything. But in spite of all the connections enabled through the internet and social media, people can feel as disconnected as ever. In our new city of Springfield, south-east Queensland, Arise Lutheran Church has grown out of the St Peters Lutheran College community. We seek to connect people with each other and especially with God.

With the benefit of the 2016 LLL Mission Stimulus Grant, Arise was able to appoint a part-time Community Connections Worker to build connections between families in our community and the new Arise congregation through several key projects.

Arise is grateful for what the LLL Mission Stimulus Grant of $25,000 has enabled, and the connections that continue to grow.

Pastor Matt Wilksch is at Arise Lutheran Church, Springfield, Queensland.

Special Purposes Fund

Rough cut men in Bundy by Pastor Wayne George

Generally speaking, men are not always known to wear their hearts on their sleeves or talk openly about what’s going on inside. As a result, many men don’t realise that they actually do not have to fight Goliath alone.

These thoughts prompted us to run a men’s conference (pictured) at St John’s Lutheran Church, Bundaberg, Queensland, under the banner of Rough Cut Men, an international men’s ministry directed by its founder David Dusek. I had been following David’s ministry via social media. So I knew that the men of our region (and beyond) needed what he had to give – encouragement and motivation.

Of course finance was a challenge. However, through the provision of our Lord and the generosity of the LLL, we were able to successfully apply for a grant. This grant of $9900 via the LCA Special Ministry Fund which is funded by grants from the LLL Special Purposes Fund, will render fruit, I believe, for many years to come; some of which will only be known in eternity.

Pastor Wayne George is the lead pastor in the Bundaberg parish, Queensland.

Child, Youth and Family Support Fund

Our passionate young adults by Vicki Rochow

‘The opportunity to meet young adults from all across Australia and beyond – people who are facing the same issues and are passionate about finding solutions – is incredibly inspiring and encouraging’, said one LCA National Youth Forum 2018 (NYF18) participant.

The forum brought 27 young adults to Australian Lutheran College in North Adelaide to ‘have a voice’. This event was supported by various LCA departments, including Grow Ministries, ALC and Lutherans for Life, and participants of the 2017 Grow Leadership Program.

Four participants from the NYF18 were invited to attend the LCA’s 2018 General Convention of Synod. As consultants, the young adults could share their thoughts about the big issues, witness the process of synod, and more deeply understand the governance of the LCA.

Vicki Rochow is the Grow Leadership Coordinator. The LLL Child, Youth and Family Support Fund generated $55,408 for Grow Ministries in the 2017/2018 financial year.

LLL Loans

Outside. Inside. Synergy – Eastside Lutheran College, Hobart Tasmania

‘It’s not what the church looks like outside; it’s what the church is inside’, a parent told Ralph Zapart, Principal of Eastside Lutheran College in Hobart.

Eastside was expanding, and secondary students needed the space that a hall would provide. With federal government funding, Eastside built the largest space possible – a tin shed, concrete floor, carpet and lighting – without any bells and whistles.

Meanwhile, St Peter’s Lutheran Church Hobart wanted to build closer ties with the school. Its sandstone building in central Hobart needed expensive renovations; so it was sold and the congregation relocated to Eastside College. As a result, the congregation now had funds to help renovate the school hall to make it more suitable for use as a church, and more versatile for the school.

Eastside received an LLL loan for their contribution.

‘Our school wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the congregation’, Ralph Zapart said.

LLL Mission Statement
Support the LCA in its mission.
We will do this by:
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• safeguarding the interests of depositors.

Who is the LLL?
The LLL operates as a charitable financial institution. It provides savings accounts with deposits enabling it to provide low-interest loans to approved LCA projects, such as Lutheran schools, churches and care facilities. This year it has become an ADI or Authorised Deposit-taking Institution, which means it will be regulated under the Banking Act and by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). However, there will be no change for LLL customers. Its purpose remains to provide safe and secure savings for members while continuing to support the mission of the LCA.

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