Some people don’t feel well-equipped to pass on their faith to their children or grandchildren. If faith conversations aren’t natural in your house, you may be unsure where to start. Thankfully, the team from the LCA’s Grow Ministries has advice and resources to help.

Starting faith conversations with young people can be uncomfortable, especially with high school-aged children. This can even be the case with members of your own family. Firstly, always know that you can rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you. He will help you.

Be confident in what you believe. Know whose you are and that God will always be with you. Ask God what it is he wants you to say.

One of the biggest fears when sharing our faith is that we don’t know enough. You don’t have to be a theologian to share your faith. After all, Peter and John had no formal education or training in Scripture (Acts 4:13). However, it is important for parents and grandparents to nurture their own relationship with God, by spending time reading the Bible and in prayer. You will be pleasantly surprised how God uses what you have been reading to interact with your children or grandchildren.

Share how God has worked in your life. You never know how your words may encourage and influence them.

As well as feeling unqualified, we may think we are too busy to put time into sharing our faith with young people in our lives. Consider using time in the car, mealtimes, holidays and organised one-on-one time with your child or grandchild to talk about faith.

For more information about Grow Ministries or for more resources for nurturing faith in the home, please call 08 8267 7300 or visit the Grow website.

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