One million people.

Stand them shoulder to shoulder, and you have a line of people stretching from Adelaide to Melbourne.

That’s how many people our Lutheran family helped through ALWS – just in 2016 alone.

Working through ALWS partner Lutheran World Federation, you go to people living in or fleeing some of the most troubled places on earth – such as South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

You welcome refugees with food to eat, water to drink and the kind of loving care which shows people they are not a number, or a case, but a person. Each one is important.

At times of crisis, conflict and disaster, your help targets those who are most at risk – the elderly, the sick, children, pregnant women, and those who have suffered abuse or trauma. Just as Jesus sought out those who are forgotten or rejected, so do you.

Meanwhile, for people living in poverty and facing injustice in countries like Cambodia and Nepal, you back long-term rights-based development that supports people to become self-sufficient and independent. Countries like PNG and Indonesia see your ALWS support delivered through local Lutheran churches and service groups, reaching out to their communities with practical action.

In every action we take, the special needs of children are held precious and protected.

To find out more about how you can bring love to life through ALWS:
p: 1300 763 407
PO Box 488 Albury NSW 2640


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