Are you ready to rethink your ministry with children and youth? Are you wondering what you can do to support families in passing on faith to children and youths in their care? Did you know that every generation has a part to play in ministering to young people?

For many congregations and families, sharing the Christian faith with children and youth is becoming an area of great challenge. Culture and society are changing rapidly, which can raise many new questions and opportunities.

Grow Ministries has developed a training session that helps congregations rethink their ministry to children, teenagers and their families. You can invite Jodi Brook or Christine Matthias to visit your congregation, or they can support you to lead your own session.

Through the training, congregations are supported to wrestle with some of the following questions:

  • What does it mean to form faith in children and youth?
  • What seems to work best and why?
  • How can we partner with and support Christian families today?


‘I expected some magic fix to solve our problem of shrinking membership. However, I learnt that it all starts with me and that, to enable our congregation to grow, I have to lead and teach my brothers and sister how to relate to each other.’

‘What a blessing this has been. I am really excited for our congregation’s future and the light we will be to our community.’

‘I liked the atmosphere of enthusiasm and willingness to explore something different … a fresh approach, from a kingdom perspective.’

‘The biggest thing I got out of the day was ideas on how to plan church in a way where all generations are included.’

‘Keep up the good work! I am amazed at the innovative resources Grow has produced.’


Over many years, Grow Ministries has developed resources and training to help meet the challenges of doing ministry in the 21st century. Please make contact for more information.

Jodi Brook Director – Based in South Australia

Christine Matthias, Resource Coordinator – Based in Queensland

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