by Anne Hansen

I keep a calendar or diary for my work and one for my family and personal activities. These calendars seem to fill up so quickly. I still like to write commitments down, so that I can look ahead and behind at what has been done and what is still to come. I often feel that I am a slave to my calendar and all the things that fill it. I have so many church activities, youth, Mainly Music, my work with Lutheran Tract Mission and family events, so how do I find time for me and God?


Time is a precious resource. God has given us just enough time in a day to do what we are able and the rest we leave for another day. It is easy to be a slave to our schedule but remember that even Jesus spent time by himself to recharge and rejuvenate. May God give you this gift to be able to sit and reflect and pray. Our bodies were made for work and rest – I pray that you find the time for rest and reflection on God’s word, for then work becomes easier.

Lutheran Tract Mission has resources for your reading and to give to anyone who is in need of seeing their routines in the way God has given them to us. As we read in Ecclesiastes 3:1, ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven’ [NIV].


We want to provide for our church and people in different ways to reach others with God’s love. Visit our Lutheran Tract Mission website at to find what you need for your ministry.

Please share stories with me of how tracts have spoken and reached you and others in your community! Give others new ideas as to how to use tracts in sharing God’s love!

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