by Anne Hansen

Jesus died willingly for the forgiveness of our sins so that we can have eternal life with God forever.

What do you understand about the previous sentence? What strikes you as read it again? For me, the word ‘willingly’ stands out. How could anyone willingly suffer pain, agony and humiliation for another person?

Fortunately, I wasn’t put into that situation, but the Son of God, our Saviour Jesus Christ, faced that exact situation. There was no other way that the curse of sin in our lives could be paid unless it was done by someone sinless.

Imagine the extreme love of Jesus for his Father to willingly die on the cross and to willingly go through it all for you and me. It is beyond love!

Lent begins early this year with Ash Wednesday on 22 February. Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM) has again produced a Lenten devotional, which this year is entitled ‘Beyond Love’. This free resource contains a devotion for each day in Lent leading up to Easter Sunday and is ideal to use as part of your daily devotional life. Available on the LTM website at, it can be used as a flipbook or downloaded for printing.


Lutheran Tract Mission also provides many other resources for use over Easter. These include explanations of the meaning of Shrove Tuesday (and a good recipe for pancakes), the history behind hot cross buns, Easter stickers, an Easter chatterbox and activity books for children.

There is also a new tract that shares how to fold a palm leaf into a cross – a great activity and gift for the congregation on Palm Sunday.


LTM resources can be used by schools, aged-care facilities, hospitals and congregations and for outreach into your local community.

We aim to provide different ways for our church and its people to reach others with God’s amazing love. See our website at to find what you need for your ministry.

And please let us know and share with others your stories of tracts reaching people in your community. We encourage you, too, to pass on any new ideas as to how tracts can be used.

Anne Hansen is the development officer of Lutheran Tract Mission.

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