by Anne Hansen

The Digital Spinner is the latest resource from Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM). The spinner can be added to websites to enable online viewers to scroll through any of the 950 LTM resources.

It is a free resource from LTM and may just need help from a web designer to add it to your website. You can have the digital spinner updated at any time with any tract for any church or other season. If you are having a focus on children, Christmas or Easter, for example, you can just notify me, and I will add appropriate tracts on your site to rotate. These can then be viewed, sent to others in a free etract or ordered as printed tracts.


Within many church websites there often are a large number of notices, activities and information to share – so much so that we sometimes lose sight of presenting the gospel and having that displayed prominently.

Through our digital spinner, you can be bold in presenting the gospel through the tracts you choose. On your congregational website, you may wish to focus on baptism – choose some tracts for your members to then read through for more information. On a school website, you may wish to advertise grandparents’ day – why not have a few tracts rotating thanking God for grandparents? For an aged-care website, you may wish to have some well-known hymns rotating or, in this time of uncertainty, some messages of hope and God’s presence. On a youth ministry website, you might choose some tracts giving encouragement and assurances of God’s love.


Any tract from LTM can be used on our digital spinner. Have a look at our website and choose ‘Find Resources’, then click on the categories you wish to view. You can also see what the digital spinner looks like on the LTM home page at

For more information, go to or email me at to inquire about adding the digital spinner to your website and be bold with the gospel, sharing God’s love in many ways!

Anne Hansen is Lutheran Tract Mission Development Officer.

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