by Anne Hansen

My journey into God’s family began on 26 September 1965, when I was baptised by my father, Pastor Ronald Gerhardy, at St John’s Lutheran Church Ipswich in Queensland. I was 10 days old, and my parents wanted me baptised before the family travelled to Horsham in Victoria for the 1965 National Women’s Convention and General Synod.

When I was baptised, I was brought into God’s family and splashed with his promise that I would spend eternity with him. Not only eternity but that he would remain with me every day of my life and would guide me through the Holy Spirit.

God has indeed been with me every day. During my school years, I confirmed my faith in 1979 at Immanuel College Novar Gardens in South Australia.

He was with me when I tried to work out my vocation in teaching as I travelled throughout Europe, the UK, and the USA. God was with me in my ministry with Lutheran Youth Encounter and in meeting my husband, Mark. He guided us back to Australia, through teaching, seminary, and having a family, and continues to be my constant in all I do.

He blesses me every day with my ministry at Lutheran Tract Mission as he inspires me to put his words into stories and encouragements. I pray that God will continue to use me to reach others who do not yet know his saving love. It all began at my baptism when God splashed me with his promises.


Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM) has many resources relating to baptism – tracts explaining what it is; others celebrating the baptism day and baptism anniversaries; family devotions about baptism and tracts for congregations to fill in for godparents.

Have a look at our website and choose ‘Find Resources’, then click on the category ‘Baptism’. Or come into the LLL offices and see them. There are about 35 different ones to choose from. While you are there, check out all our other resources – about 950 in total.

We all have our story of being brought into God’s family. Share your story with people you care about today!

Anne Hansen is Lutheran Tract Mission Development Officer.

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