by Craig Heidenreich

In recent decades we have lived through a significant shift in the ethnic mix of our society, and we now have a new mission field right in our own backyards.

The LCANZ’s Cross-Cultural Ministry Department has teamed up with Australian Lutheran College to offer an online training course for those who want to engage with people of these new cultures.

The course is geared for individuals or groups and deliberately addresses the ‘how to’ questions of cross-cultural ministry to boost your confidence to start conversations.

This course is now available and is free for 2022 participants!


The seven training topics of the cross-cultural ministry training course can be completed in about 20 hours and will cover subjects such as:

  • Our biblical mandate to reach out to the nations
  • Who are these ethnic newcomers and how do they tick?
  • How can we respond as individuals to make new friends?
  • Ways to be a congregation that welcomes people from many backgrounds

For enrolment details and training support, please contact me at

 Craig Heidenreich is the LCANZ’s Cross-Cultural Ministry Facilitator.

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