by James Winderlich

There are many useful theories and models for effective leadership. These approaches allow us to identify traits and skills necessary for good leadership in diverse contexts. At Australian Lutheran College (ALC) we use these varied approaches to help us prepare people to serve as pastors, teachers and layworkers throughout the LCANZ and its partner churches.

At ALC we challenge our students to not only consider human perspectives of leadership but also engage with God’s perspective. And what does God desire from leaders? In Jeremiah 3:15 God promises leaders who are ‘after God’s own heart’.

Through the Holy Spirit leadership happens heart to heart. The approach to leadership with which we challenge our students begins with following Jesus. This leads us to sacrificially and joyfully serve the people placed in our care. That sacrificial service is always grounded in God’s forgiveness. We learn to serve and lead by learning to forgive. We learn to forgive through God’s forgiveness of us.


As they prepare to serve in our congregations, schools, aged and community care facilities, our students are challenged with radical, Christ-centred approaches to leadership at ALC. These approaches rarely offer advancement by any human expectation. Instead, they offer the precious, world-changing gift of humility; the humility that confuses the proud; the humility whose seedbed is God’s own heart (Philippians 2:5-11).

Are you called by God’s own heart? Are you being called to make a difference in people’s lives? Leadership in the LCANZ can take different vocational directions through ALC. Contact us to find out where your world-changing place might be as a sacrificial, humble and joyful leader by emailing

Pastor James Winderlich is Principal of ALC.

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