Each year, LCA International Mission produces a prayer guide and devotional for Lent as a resource to invite our LCANZ family to join our overseas mission partners, as together we pray for God’s global mission.

The 40 Days – a Lenten Devotion and Prayer Guide for 2022 includes devotions written by members and leaders of our partner churches from South-East Asia, as well as daily prayer points.

As people read the devotions, we hope that they will not only learn more about the people with whom we partner but that the Holy Spirit will also speak into their hearts and they will be made aware of the many ways God is present in their life.

Furthermore, during this Lenten period, the guide presents an opportunity to join us in prayer with and for our partners, knowing that our Heavenly Father hears the prayers of his children.

The 40 Days guide is available in printed and electronic forms. Go to the LCA International Mission website at www.lcamission.org.au/pray to download an electronic copy or request a printed copy by sending an email to
lcaim@lca.org.au or phoning 08 8267 7300.

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