Two years on from the start of their Grow Coaching journeys, members of Chinchilla parish and Dalby congregation in Queensland’s western Darling Downs have grown in ways that have brought life and vibrancy to their faith communities.

Each member of their Grow teams now is equipped to share what they have learnt about intergenerational ministry with their congregations. The LCANZ’s Grow Ministries team will continue to support them as they continue to build an intergenerational culture.

Grow Ministries began the ‘gathering’ phase of coaching congregations in October 2019, led by Rachel Schilling. The Chinchilla and Dalby teams met over two years at both locations. During this time, learning and growing took place through weekend workshops. Their journeys involved re-thinking any preconceived notions of church and how these contrasted or aligned with effective child, youth and family ministry – that is, intergenerational ministry – and how to put this new paradigm in place.

Grow Ministries representatives Pastor Nigel Rosenzweig and Vicki Rochow joined several of the workshops, bringing a fresh approach to the events. They even managed to hold a workshop in 2020 despite most of Australia being in lockdown.

Grow Coaching clusters are in progress in Perth, Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, with each consisting of two or three congregations. These clusters provide members with ideas, encouragement and support on their journeys of learning and implementing new ways of doing ministry.

To learn more about Grow Coaching, Grow Ministries or our ‘Rethinking Faith Formation’ congregational workshops, contact Grow Director Jodi Brook at or by phoning 08 8267 7300.

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