LCANZ Bishop John Henderson has announced that he will not be standing for re-election at this year’s Convention of General Synod.

Bishop Henderson, the first LCA leader to be known by that title, has held the position for three synodical terms, having been elected in April 2013. He has also indicated that he intends to retire from the active pastoral ministry.

General Synod delegates will therefore need to elect a new churchwide bishop.

Pastor delegates at General Pastors Conference in July will hold a nominating ballot to select pastor nominees for the position of LCA bishop. Those nominees will be presented to General Synod. Each nominee must receive a minimum of 25 per cent of Pastors Conference votes in order to be placed on the electoral ballot at Convention of General Synod. Typically, this process results in the Pastors Conference nominating two or maybe three candidates.

There is also a special provision, although rarely used, for delegates at General Synod to nominate further candidates from the floor.

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