Please email the editor Lisa McIntosh with all inquiries at

Publication and booking dates

The Lutheran is published on the first weekday of every second month from February.

Advertising deadlines

December 2023-January 2024
Publication date: 1 December 2023
Required by: 1 November 2023

February-March 2024
Publication date: 1 February 2024
Required by: 2 January 2024


Notices and small advertisements (1 column wide)
$21 per cm (black and white)
$29 per cm (colour)
Contract advertisements
Three-four placements of same advertisement over 12 months
Five-six placements of same advertisement over 12 months
5% discount
10% discount
Display advertisements
1/4 page, black and white
1/4 page, colour
1/3 page, black and white
1/3 page, colour
1/2 page, black and white
1/2 page, colour
full page, black and white
full page, colour
$355 + design costs (if applicable)
$443 + design
$469 + design
$598 + design
$598 + design
$747 + design
$1100 + design
$1375 + design

Contact the editor for specs and about discounts for multiple display advertisements.

$2000 + editing and layout.
Contact the editor regarding weight restrictions.

Address/mailing sheet
$1010 + editing and design.

Multimedia deal for LCA agencies
If an agency of the church spends a minimum of $85 on one advertisement (line notices) or purchases a display ad of a minimum size of 1/4 page in The Lutheran, they qualify for a multimedia deal including two LCA eNews entries for just $30 (line notices/classifieds of up to 40 words).
Contact the editor for further details.

Pay advertising accounts

You can pay your advertising account here.